Singladuras: Journal of Graduate Research

Interdisciplinary journal edited by LAIC graduate students that disseminates innovative scholarly work by graduate students at Columbia and their international peers.
Singladuras: Journal of Graduate Research

Marta Ferrer
David Mejía

Editorial Board
Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman
Noel Blanco Mourelle
Juan David Cadena Botero
Omar Durán García
Alexandra V. Méndez
Alejandro Quintero
Ameya Tripathi
Alejandra Vela (NYU)

SINGLADURAS: The LAIC Journal for Graduate Research is a biannual student-run, peer-reviewed research journal that publishes graduate work on Latin American and Iberian Cultures. Singladuras is committed to fostering dialogue across disciplines, methods, approaches, and fields while pushing the limits of scholarship and providing crucial editorial training for graduate students. One of our aims is to encourage the publication of rigorous graduate research and all submitted articles undergo a double-blind peer review as part of the editorial process. In addition to works of traditional scholarship, we publish select pieces of fiction, poetry, interviews, visual and multimedia works, critical works from the artist’s perspective, as well as reviews of recent scholarship, and cultural production. We publish in English and request that all submissions be accompanied by an abstract. Submissions in other languages will be considered, but must be accompanied by an English translation. Throughout the year, Singladuras accepts recent event and book reviews that address textual or audio-visual material in the fields of Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, Brazilian and Chicano/a cultural studies. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please consult the event and book reviews section.